Terms & Conditions

Champion System is a global business that has proven results. We have delivered internationally for over 16 years. Champion System is recognised as one of the most respected custom manufacturers in the business. We can give you the quality service and product you are looking for.

PROVEN Benefits
  • Total Custom Focus: We have over 16 years of experience internationally. Custom clothing is our total focus.
  • Quality: We have 16 years of experience in producing proven quality garments, tested from club level through to the elite. 
  • Flexibility: We offer flexible ordering options including no minimums numbers required, teams can order a mix of sizes, designs and products in their orders.
  • Innovation: We continue to innovate and produce new and updated products for our customers. We have a dedicated Product Development team who research, produce, test and develop new products to keep up with advances in technology and materials. 
  • Design: We have a dedicated design team in China - who will assist through the design process. 
  • Integrated Online Systems: You have your own personalised account where all your designs, previous orders and reports will be stored. You have the option to order through a standard order or through Team Store.
  • Consistency: We own our own factories - so we control the whole production chain. This means our product is consistent and delivery is consistent.
  • Elite Athlete Support: We support a number of teams and clubs from grass roots through to the elite. Our partnership with Elite Teams such as UAE Team Emirates, Wiggle High 5 and Adelaide Thunderbirds show that we can produce high-quality garments worn at the very top level of the sport.


OUR Commitment
  • Lifetime Quality Commitment: Champion System will offer a lifetime quality commitment effectively guaranteeing the workmanship and quality of our garments for life. 
  • Crash Replacement Commitment: Champion System encourage you to get out and train for competition, however, one of the unfortunate side effects of our sport is the occasional incident. Lessen the burden with a free replacement of garments made unwearable in a crash.
  • Fitness Flexibility Commitment: Champion System want to support your sporting endeavors. If you are dedicated enough to run, cycle or swim and as a result need a smaller garment to cater for your leaner body, we will provide you with a new garment free of charge.
  • CS Direct/Team Store: There are no premium handling fees when opening up a CS Direct/Team Store for your team or club.
  • All-Inclusive Custom Options: Champion System offer a variety of custom options all included in the garment price. This includes male and female specific cuts, arm length options, leg length options, chamois options, collar height options and safety options.