Product Development

UAE Team Emirates

We put all of our top tear garments through vigorous testing with World Tour athletes. By teaming up with researchers, biomechanical engineers and by taking direct feedback from the team to perfect the comfort and performance of our range. The result of our meticulous development is a range that can be worn to World Tour victory. There can be no greater kudos. The engineering we put into the Apex family filters down into the rest of our tiered range. The exact kit that these athletes wear are available as the core part of our range for all our customers to wear.

Product Innovation

A huge amount of research and development goes into our product offering to meet the ever-advancing demands from our customers. We work hard to stay ahead of demand by experimenting with new fabrics and ideas to drive our garment evolution. A culmination of innovation and some sound aero design theory at Champion System led to the launch of the industry's first zip-less jersey in 2018, a concept to push aerodynamics. Our Elite Zipless jersey provides the rider with a perfect tapered aero cut whilst also pushing material benefits to new heights with its ‘no zip’ construction. This jerseys undisturbed front panel reduces the risk of collar flap and the potential for lost watts. The tapered aero lines and cooling qualities of its CS Agile™ mesh fabric construction worked perfectly to assist Team UAE’s Dan Martin to win the Mur De Bretagne (Stage 6 - Tour De France ‘18) .


Chamois Comfort

Champion System chamois are some of the first to use a new technology founded and patented by pioneering Italian chamois specialist Dr Pad™. Their cutting-edge technology uses a polyurethane foam base, lazer-cut to an ergoform which delivers consistent cushioning with 100% breathability. The fabric microfibres have a bacteriostatic treatment to preserve he skin’s natural bacterial flora and prevents the development of potentially harmful bacteria. Worn in the Tour De France there is no better test for comfort and durability.

Pioneering Fabric Technology

The materials we use form the foundation of the success of our garments. In every sport category we are meticulous about the use, placement and benefits of the fabrics we use to ensure maximum comfort and performance. In Triathlon we introduced CS Swift™ hydrophobic technology that literally repels water from our Apex trisuits. The benefits are huge. In the swim the fabric pushes water past the body delivering microgains to improve your speed. As you come out of the water the fabric instantaneously dries to improve thermoregulation and comfort on the bike and run.

Aero Project

In pursuit of the fastest Olympic speedsuit possible our partners at Cycling New Zealand asked us to innovate a skinsuit that would break boundaries in aerodynamics and help their team deliver medals at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Collaborating with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in their state of the art wind tunnel we applied our patented and exclusive latex layering technology, along with specifically positioned and angled materials in the construction of the Aero Project Speed Suit that generates astonishing cda, watts and time savings on the track. It caused a real stir at it's debut Olympic showcase. Watch the video below to learn more.


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